About Us

The Meyraki Dolls Story

Aloha, my name is Renee, Owner of Meyraki Dolls.

Thank you so much for visiting.  I always had a passion for art and design and initially, pursued this interest merely as a hobby, home decorating and creating gifts for friends, family, and small craft fairs. Till date, I continue to find joy and fulfillment in bringing happiness to others through my creations.

Many years ago, I remarried and faced infertility struggles and eventually had to accept that my husband and I could not have a child together. After grappling with numerous failed attempts to conceive, the termination of an unborn baby, and ultimately a near death experience from the procedure, I went into a phase of deep sadness. The days that followed was nothing short of darkness and despair while trapped in my grief with no way out.  Until one day, my attention was drawn to my teenage daughter's attractive faux fur purse, which sparked a creative idea. I subsequently decided to design a similar purse for myself, which marked the genesis of my new business venture, Meyraki Dolls.  Meyraki, proper spelling; meraki in Greek means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work.

Creating my designs became a source of healing for me and helped me find a new purpose to live.  I found that when I created something beautiful, I was able to move forward.  Pain is immeasurable and we each feel and heal differently.  Whether you’ve lost a child, or have experienced something else that causes affliction or emotional distress, I can understand.  Personally for me, pain turned into resentment, isolation, anger at times, and the deepest grief one could imagine. It took many years to heal but all the while, my creations and dream to make Meyraki Dolls a reality kept me on track and motivated me to lift myself out of that dark place.

There is always a deep meaning behind each hand-sewn and handcrafted Meyraki Dolls handbag and confirmation that something beautiful can emerge from pain. My mission is to create meaningful fashion that symbolize virtues that tie to each woman’s individual story and hopefully provide a sense of connection and comfort.  I hope you are inspired and empowered to triumph and breakthrough each and everyday no matter what life brings.